Spanish bishop quit for love for erotic writer

Spanish bishop quit for love for erotic writer
Xavier Novell was Spain's youngest bishop when he was appointed in 2010. Source: DIOCESE OF SOLSONA
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Daily US Times: The reason of Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell’s resignation last month has now emerged that he fell in love with a woman who writes Satanic-tinged erotic fiction. Though the Roman Catholic Church cited last month that the Bishop has resigned for strictly personal reasons without going into detail.

In 2010, he became Spain’s youngest Bishop at the age of 41, in Solsona in the north-eastern region of Catalonia.

The Bishop has carried out exorcisms and backed so-called conversion therapy for gay people.

He was considered as a rising star in Spain’s Catholic Church, but many became surprised when he resigned last month with the Vatican’s approval. Xavier Novell is said to have met with the Pope himself as well as other Vatican officials several times.

When he was Bishop, he was traditional in his remarks on abortion but his outspoken support for Catalonian independence and strident views on homosexuality were controversial.

It came as a surprise and shock when Religión Digital reported that the Bishop had fallen for Silvia Caballol, a psychologist, erotic novelist and divorcee. The news site said that Mr Novell was now looking for a job in the Barcelona area as an agronomist.

Neither the former Bishop, who is now 52, nor the woman have responded to the reports although Religión Digital quoted him as saying “I have fallen in love and want to do things properly”.

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