State of emergency declared in Australia over bushfire crisis

State of emergency declared in Australia over bushfire crisis
Thousands of firefighters have been deployed to tackle the blazes. Source: DANIEL KNOX/HORSLEY PARK RURAL FIRE BRIGADE
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Daily US Times, New South Wales: A state of emergency has been declared in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) amid fears a record-breaking heatwave will exacerbate the state’s bushfire crisis.

A group of former ‘fire chiefs’ is blaming the current bushfires across Australia on climate change and demanding that Scott Morrison take urgent action to fix the climate. This, it claims, will fix the bushfire threat.

Australians experienced their hottest day on record on Tuesday. Average maximum temperature of the day was 40.9C (105.6F).

This record is in threat now as forecasters predicted more heatwaves are expected to come later this week.

Bushfire crisis is currently happening across Australia. Only New South Wales authorities are currently fighting about 100 fires, in a crisis that has lasted months.

As even worse forecast predicted, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a seven-day state of emergency. This is the second such declaration in NSW since last month. This state of emergency gives fire authorities additional powers to cope with the crisis.

Blaming climate change for the current spate of bushfires ignores the fact these bushfires have proven almost impossible to control once they got going. This is because they are burning heavy fuels dried out by drought. Ignoring fuel is the ultimate cop-out. It absolves the authorities of any responsibility for the incubation of this fire epidemic through the years as dangerous levels of fuel were allowed to build up in the nation’s bushlands.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (Bom), Australia has warmed overall by slightly more than 1C since 1910, with most of the heating occurring since 1950.

Officials predict that 2019, on the temperatures recorded so far, will be among the four warmest years on record.