Taiwan charges Chinese captain over killing of ‘Somali pirates’

Taiwan charges Chinese captain over killing of 'Somali pirates'
The Chinese captain suspect was captaining a Taiwanese fishing vessel at the time of the shootings. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Taiwan has charged a Chinese captain of a fishing boat with ordering the killing of four suspected Somali pirates eight years ago.

In September 2012, the four were shot dead in the Indian Ocean.

It came to light after mobile phone footage of the incident was posted online.

Prosecutors in Taiwan say the suspect is a Chinese national and he admitted ordering the killings while captaining the Taiwanese vessel.

The Chinese captain said the alleged Somali pirates shot at his boat and three other boats fishing in the area, before one of the fishing boats managed to knock the men into the sea.

In spite of knowing the men had no way of defending themselves at this point, the captain told officials he ordered his Pakistani security guards to shoot them, prosecutors said. The captain ordered that so that the men could not get away and ask other pirates to hijack his vessel, according to the prosecutors.

The suspect has been indicted on gun control charges and homicide, local media reports say.

The incident were exposed after a mobile phone containing the footage of that killing was left in a taxi in Fiji, and found by someone who postedit on YouTube in 2014.

Four men can be seen in the water in the video, some clinging to debris, as some 40 rounds of ammunition are fired at them. In the video, a man is heard giving orders in Mandarin.

For years, campaign groups have argued that the incident highlighted issues with lawlessness at sea, and a lack of regulation in Taiwan’s fishing industry.

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