The 69-year-old Indian actress trolled for ‘too sexy’ photos

The 69-year-old Indian actress trolled for ‘too sexy’ photos
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Daily US Times: When the 69-year-old Indian actress Rajini Chandy posted photos from her glamorous photoshoot on Facebook recently, she did not anticipate they would go viral and get trolled.

The pictures show the housewife-turned-actress, who has generally seen in colourful elegant saris, long dresses, dressed in a jumpsuit, a pair of distressed jeans, and a short denim dress. In some, she is wearing a crown of fresh white flowers picked from her garden.

The pictures were described as “bold and beautiful” by the local press in the southern Indian state of Kerala, where she lives, but those images have raised the hackles of many in a conservative state where most women still dress modestly in traditional long skirts and saris.

Mrs Chandy told the BBC that the photoshoot was the idea of Athira Joy, a 29-year-old photographer who is known for her unconventional work.

The photographer said what attracted her to the actress was how she was so different from her own mother.

Rajini Chandy says the photoshoot was meant to be fun. Source: ATHIRA JOY

She says: “Indian women spend their lives caged in this system of marriage and raising a family. Most give up on life once they reach 60. They become nannies to their grandchildren.”

Photographer Ms Joy says her 65-year-old mother is “a typical Indian woman who suffers from all sorts of health issues that 60 plus women face”.

“But Rajini is different – she takes care of herself, she’s fit, she’s bold, she’s beautiful, she’s fashionable,” she added.

After the photos being released, many people appreciated those saying “you’ve proved age is just a number”; many described her as “bold”, “stunning”, “hot” and “beautiful”; but soon the backlash started and the photos get trolled – and it continues.

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