The House did not do its homework, says Senator James Lankford

the House did not do its homework, says Senator James Lankford
The senator called Giuliani's work in Ukraine opposition research. Source: ABC News
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Daily US Times: Sen. James Lankford said “the House did not do its homework,” when it prepared its case for impeachment.

The Senator was giving an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

In the interview, when the senator was asked if the Senate should allow new witnesses during the trial, he said, “They wanted to move as fast as possible and now they want to slow do down the trial as much as possible in the Senate.”

In a separate interview with the same program House manager Val Demings, D-Fla. said she’s not giving up on the Senate and expects them to live up to the oath they took at the beginning of the trial.

She said: “If they are interested in understanding the complete truth, then they would be willing, like every other trial and in every other courtroom across this country, because they are judges by the way, that they would want to hear from witnesses and see documentation, that can support this case.”

On Friday night House managers finished their opening arguments. Trump’s legal team began to make their case in the impeachment trial on Saturday morning. The President’s legal team claimed he was justified in asking to investigate the Bidens and attacked the process of the House impeachment inquiry in their opening arguments.

The House already impeached President Trump for abusing power and obstructing Congress. Over the last three days in Senate, Democrats presented their case that the president had abused his power by withholding military aid from Ukraine and obstructed the congressional inquiry into the matter.

ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos asked the Oklahoma Republican whether he agreed with the president’s lawyers that the president did nothing wrong, but the senator focused on whether the president had sought foreign interference.

Stephanopoulos pressed James Lankford several times, but the senator called Giuliani’s work in Ukraine opposition research.

Lankford said later that it would be different if the president had initially raised the issue with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Instead, Lankford said, Trump was responding to the issue when it was raised in the phone call.

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