‘The sooner we finish, the better,’ Joe Biden about Afghan evacuations

'The sooner we finish, the better,' Joe Biden about Afghan evacuations
Source: AFP
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Daily US Times: President Biden says the United States is “on pace” to meet a 31 August deadline for evacuations from Afghanistan, despite previous calls from allies for an extension.

He said: “The sooner we finish, the better.”

Some American soldiers have already been withdrawn from Kabul, according to US media report – although evacuations are not affected.

At least 70,700 people have been airlifted from the Afghan capital Kabul, which fell to the Taliban nine days ago.

Taliban has opposed any extension to the evacuation deadline.

President Joe Biden said: “The Taliban have been taking steps to help get our people out.” He added that the international community would judge the Taliban by their actions.

Mr Biden said: “None of us are going to take the Taliban’s word for it.”

The US President said the airlift had to come to an end soon because of an increasing threat from the Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan.

The longer the US forces stayed in the country, Joe Biden said, there was an “acute and growing risk of an attack” by the group.

Mr Biden was speaking after leaders of the G7 – which consists of Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US, plus the EU – discussed the Afghanistan situation during a virtual meeting.

The UK and other allies had urged Biden administration to stay beyond 31 August to allow more relief flights.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain would continue to evacuate people “until the last moment”.

Mr Johnson also urged the Taliban to allow Afghans to leave beyond the deadline.

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