These voters rejected Hillary Clinton but are backing Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton, then the Democratic presidential nominee, and Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Scranton, Pa., Aug. 15, 2016. (Ruth Fremson/The New York Times)
Hillary Clinton, then the Democratic presidential nominee, and Joe Biden at a campaign rally. Source: The New York Times
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Daily US Times: Samantha Kacmarik, a Latina college student, said that in 2016 election, she had viewed then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as part of a corrupt political establishment.

Flowers Forever, a Black transgender music producer, said she had thought Hillary Clinton wouldn’t change anything for the better.

And a white retired garbageman in Minneapolis, Thomas Moline, said he simply hadn’t trusted her.

None of them voted for Ms Clinton but all of them plan to vote for Joe Biden.

Moline, an independent, recalled: “I knew early that Trump definitely wasn’t the guy for me, but when it came to Clinton, I guess I had bad taste in my mouth from her husband’s eight years in office.”

He voted for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, a decision he still regrets, and he feels at ease backing Biden.

He said: “I identify more with Biden — whether that’s being a male chauvinist or whatever you want to call me.”

The point seems almost too obvious to note: Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Yet for many independents and Democrats who sat out 2016, backed Donald Trump or voted for third-party candidates, it is a rationale for their vote that comes up repeatedly: Joe Biden is more acceptable to them than Hillary Clinton was, in ways small and large, political and personal, sexist and not — and those differences help them feel more comfortable voting for the Democratic nominee this time around.

This year’s Democratic candidate also benefits, of course, from the intense desire among Democrats to get the Republican President Trump out of office. And a majority of voters give Mr Trump low marks for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the dominant issue of the race.

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