Tokyo has no ‘Plan B’ for Olympics despite coronavirus

Tokyo has no 'Plan B' for Olympics despite coronavirus
Tokyo is expecting huge tourism boost over the event. Source: Esquire Middle East
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Daily US Times, Tokyo: A senior official for the Olympics said on Friday that Tokyo has no Plan B for this year’s Summer Olympics despite alarm over the spread of the coronavirus in Japan and elsewhere with under five months before the event.

The deputy director-general of the Tokyo 2020 Preparation Bureau, Katsura Enyo said there will not be one bit of change in holding the Games as planned.

Japan has been fearing the Games might be called off, postponed or moved to a different location due to the virus. The country is preparing for the event for years and invested some $12 billion dollars.

The virus originated from China but is moving fast around the world. Japan is one of the worst affected countries with more than 700 cases and five deaths.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president and former fencing champion Thomas Bach bolstered Tokyo’s stance on Thursday saying the IOC was fully committed to holding the event on time.

“We are not even thinking of when or in what contingency we might decide things. There is no thought of change at all in my mind,” she said.

Some Japanese media have reported that authorities were considering postponing the games for six months to a year, but Enyo denied that speculation, saying “No such debate is going on.”

Despite Japan has optimism over the Olympics, the country has canceled numerous sporting events.

Japan has built lots of new facilities for the games. The country has built National Stadium which cost $1.42 billion. Japan is expecting huge tourism boost over the Olympic.

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