Too many computer chips made in Asia, says Intel chief

Too many chips made in Asia
Pat Gelsinger plans to make Intel a major supplier to third-party chip designers. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Intel’s new chief executive Pat Gelsinger has said that it is not “palatable” that so many computer chips are made in Asia.

The majority of processors are currently manufactured in Asia, with South Korea’s Samsung and Taiwan’s TSMC the dominant players.

Intel, a US-based tech giant company, plans to set up a new division to make computer chips for other companies based on their own designs.

Until now, the company’s focus had been on manufacturing its own chips in its factories around the world.

Pat Gelsinger has said Intel will invest 20 billion US dollar in two new fabrication plants in the US state of Arizona, in addition to a major expansion of an existing Irish facility in County Kildare.

Mr Gelsinger said: “Having 80% of all supply in Asia simply isn’t a palatable manner for the world to have its view of the most critical technology.”

The chief executive said every telemedicine, very smartphone, every remote worker, every remote education, every autonomous vehicle, every aspect of humanity is becoming more digital.

”And when it becomes digital, it runs on semiconductors,” he added.

He added that the company also intended to build a further chip-making facilities in a different European nation but would not be detail about exactly where.

While these moves will be too late to tackle an existing shortage of computer chips which is causing problems for car-makers and others, the move could help the West avert a future crisis.

Politicians in the EU and the US have called for more chip-producing factories to be built locally.

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