Top medical adviser warns France at ’emergency’ Covid moment

Top medical adviser warns France at 'emergency' Covid moment
More than 26,000 are now in hospital with the virus, according to government data. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: On Sunday, France’s top medical adviser said that a third national coronavirus lockdown would probably soon be needed to combat the disease in the country.

A strict Covid curfew was implemented last weekend, but cases continue to climb.

Prof Jean-Francois Delfraissy, head of the scientific council that advises leaders on coronavirus, said “there is an emergency” and this week was critical.

He called for swift government action, amid rising concerns about the spread of new coronavirus variants.

Fiance’s medical advisor said data showed a new more transmissible variant first detected in the United Kingdom now makes up between 7-9% of cases in some French regions and will be hard to stop.

He said the country was in a better situation than others in Europe, but described the new variants of coronavirus as the “equivalent of a second pandemic”.

The top medical adviser warned: “If we do not tighten regulations, we will find ourselves in an extremely difficult situation from mid-March.”

The government of France is expected to meet on Wednesday to decide if further measures are needed.

Officials have so far resisted implementing a third national lockdown to combat the virus, preferring an overnight curfew system which allows schools to stay open.

But daily coronavirus infection numbers are rising – with the seven-day moving average now above 20,000 despite the 18:00 curfew.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex previously said coronavirus restrictions could be imposed “without delay” if the situation deteriorated further.

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