Tourists found dead in popular Icelandic tourist site

Tourists found dead in popular Icelandic tourist site
Many tourists visit the plane crash site every year. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Iceland: Two tourists are found dead at the site of a 1973 plane crash in southern Iceland. They are Chinese nationals, authorities confirmed.

The Sólheimasandur crash site is a popular tourist attraction in Iceland. Police recovered the man and woman’s body from the site.

Police said the reason for the deaths are yet to know, a post-mortem would take place early next week to establish the causes of death.

Authorities indicated that the dead bodies showed signs of hypothermia and they had not found any signs of a “criminal act” by a third party.

In 1973, a US military plane landed on the beach at Sólheimasandur. No one killed by the crash.

The crashed plane’s body still remains on the site and become a popular tourist attraction.

On Thursday, tourists called police after noticing a woman’s dead body laid down on the path to the crashed plane. Two hours later, police found another man’s body a short distance away.

Police have found car in the site’s car park. The car could belong to the couple.

In a statement, the Chinese embassy confirmed the dead as its citizens.

The head of the Icelandic Tourism Association said they are working with hotels to warn tourists about the bad weather conditions.

“We have been lucky in the explosion of the tourism industry in recent years, although there are a few events of this kind that we have had to deal with,” he said.

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