Trump ally Tom Barrack strikes a $250 million bail deal to get out of jail

Trump ally Tom Barrack strikes a $250 million bail deal to get out of jail
Tom Barrack strikes. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: On Friday, a federal magistrate judge ordered Tom Barrack, a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump, released from jail pending trial, freeing him on a bail package that includes a $250 million bond secured by $5 million in cash. Mr Barrack was indicted earlier this week on charges of illegal foreign lobbying.

The judge also ordered the former Trump associate to wear a GPS location monitoring bracelet, restricted his travel to parts of Southern California and New York and barred him from transferring any funds overseas. He will have a curfew to be determined by pretrial services.

He must appear in federal court in Brooklyn on Monday, where Tom Barrack will be arraigned. A spokesman has said Mr Barrack intends to plead not guilty.

CNN reported citing a familiar source with the matter that Barrack and co-defendant Matthew Grimes were released from custody later Friday.

On Friday, the judge had also ordered Grimes released on a $5 million bond. Grimes will be subject to travel restriction and GPS location monitoring with an electronic bracelet.

Barrack was arrested Tuesday in Los Angeles, where he had an initial appearance in front of US Magistrate Judge Patricia Donahue and he had been in custody since then.

The Justice Department had asked in a court filing that he be held in custody while he is moved to New York for his arraignment, calling him a serious risk of flight due to his “vast wealth,” foreign connections and access to private aircraft.

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