Trump campaign seeks partial recount in Wisconsin

Trump campaign seeks partial recount in Wisconsin
President Trump's supporters rallied outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison as the election results were counted. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: President Donald Trump is to seek a partial recount of votes in Wisconsin state, which his rival Joe Biden is projected to win by 20,000 votes.

Hours before a Wednesday deadline, the president’s campaign said it wanted a recount in the counties of Dane and Milwaukee, alleging irregularities.

Mr Trump has been making unsubstantiated and unproven claims of fraud and refused to authorise a handover.

President-elect Joe Biden says delaying the transition will damage the US pandemic response.

The Trump campaign has filed a series of lawsuits contesting the results in key states, despote election officials say there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud and irregularities.

Joe Biden, a Democrat, is projected to have won the presidency as well as popular vote by more than 5.6 million ballots – 3.6 percentage points. H has 306 electoral college votes, a system that decides the presidency, to Mr Trump’s 232.

President Trump would have to overturn results in at least three states to win the election, which experts say would be unprecedented. A recount is currently under way in the state of Georgia, where Mr Biden is 14,000 votes ahead.

Under Wisconsin law, Donald Trump has the right to request a recount because the margin of the opponent’s win was less than 1% but greater than 0.25%. However, Trump campaign must first cover the expenses of the operation.

On Wednesday, state officials said they had received $3m (£2.2m) from the Trump campaign to cover the costs of the recount, which is expected to take about two weeks.

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