Trump offered Kim a ride on Air Force One

Trump offered Kim a ride on Air Force One
The summit in Hanoi in February 2019 did not go to plan. Source: AFP via Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Former President Donald Trump’s meetings with Kim Jong-un were among the most eye-catching moments of his presidency. One of them war Trump offer Kim a ride on Air Force One.

In the third and final episode of a new BBC series Trump Takes On the World, directed by Tim Stirzaker,the network discovers new details about how these summits between the two leaders came about, and speak to those who were in the room when the two men met.

What they saw astonished even the most seasoned diplomats – not least when Trump offered the Kim Jong-un a lift home on Air Force One.

Trump’s second summit with the North Korean dictator, in Hanoi, Vietnam, did not go to plan. As negotiations over the nuclear programme of North Korea broke down, Trump left abruptly, saying to the press: “Sometimes you just have to walk.”

But before he departed, the then president did make one astonishing offer to Kim.

Matthew Pottinger, the top Asia expert on President Trump’s National Security Council told us: “President Trump offered Kim a lift home on Air Force One. The president knew that Kim had arrived on a multi-day train ride through China into Hanoi and Mr Trump said: ‘I can get you home in two hours if you want.’ Kim declined.”

The offer of a ride home on Air Force One was one of many surprises in an unlikely bromance between the two leader that started in Singapore when, as former National Security Adviser John Bolton told us: “Trump thought he had a new best friend.”

Here, President Trump made another gesture that shocked his own team, when he agreed to Kim Jong-un’s request to cancel joint military exercises between the US and South Korea.

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