Trump options narrow as Michigan backs Biden win

Trump options narrow as Michigan backs Biden win
Trump has been claiming widespread voter-fraud but never provided any evidence. Source: BBC
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Daily US Times: Donald Trump has had a fresh setback in his bid to overturn the election result as Michigan lawmakers indicated they would not seek to undo Democrat Joe Biden’s projected win in the state.

After a White House meeting, two Republican legislators from Michigan pledged to follow “normal process” invalidating the vote. Georgia dealt the US president another blow earlier on Friday, by certifying Mr Biden’s razor-thin margin of victory.

Mr Biden is set to take office on 20 January as the 46th US president.

The Democrat’s victory in the Electoral College system is projected to be 306 to 232 – far above the 270 he needs to win the White House. Joe Biden’s lead in the public vote overall stands at more than 5.9 million.

President Donald Trump, who has had few public appearances since the election on 3 November, on Friday again falsely claimed victory. “I won, by the way,” he said, while making an announcement on drug pricing.

He has made allegations of widespread voter fraud, without offering any evidence.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany accused the Democrats and media of hypocrisy.

She said: “While in 2016 President Trump became the duly elected president, many sought to undermine him, discredit him, de-legitimise him and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity, there were no calls for healing.”

What is President Trump’s next move?

After a string of court defeats in his efforts to challenge the outcome of the election, Trump campaign is hoping to convince legislatures controlled by his fellow Republicans in key states to ignore the outcome and declare Mr Trump the victor, several US media outlets reported.

Mr Trump has also expressed interest in inviting legislators from Pennsylvania, another battleground won by his opponent Joe Biden, to the White House.

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