Trump’s defence lawyers set to present speedy case

Defence team set to present speedy case
Was Donald Trump's address to supporters on 6 January an incitement to riot? Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: The defence lawyers of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial are set to present evidence in the US Senate, denying charges he incited the violent attack in the Capitol in January 6.

The defence lawyers have indicated that they may take up only four of its 16 hours, and so move the impeachment trial to a speedy end.

Democrats spent two days putting their case, including graphic video footage of the violence and arguing acquittal could see a repeat of the attack on Congress.

Though, acquittal is the likely verdict, as most Republicans remain unmoved.

A two-thirds majority is required to convict former president Trump in the evenly split 100-seat Senate.

At least 17 members of Republican Party would need to vote against him and although six have shown some movement that way, none of the others have, with many staunchly rejecting the accusation.

Mr Trump will not appear and testify in his defence on Friday.

If Donald Trump were convicted, the Senate could then vote to bar him from holding elected office again.

The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump last month – for a second time – accusing him of inciting his supporters to attack the US Capitol to stop Joe Biden’s election victory being certified. Five people lost their lives.

Over the course of two days of Senate evidence this week, the Democrats argued that Mr Trump had shown a pattern of condoning violence, did nothing on the day to prevent the riot and had expressed no remorse.

It has not given any specific details but there are obvious lines of defence that have already been suggested.

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