Twitter works with news organisations to tackle disinformation

Twitter works with news sites to tackle disinformation
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Daily US Times: Twitter will collaborate with Reuters and the Associated Press, two of the largest international news organisations, to debunk disinformation on its messaging site.

The news agencies will help the social media giant to give more context and background information on events which create a high volume of tweets.

Twitter hopes the decision counteract the spread of misleading information.

There has been renewed pressure to remove false information and content from the platform.

Twitter said the partnership with Reuters and AP will enable it to ensure credible and accurate information is rapidly available “when facts are in dispute”.

In a statement, Twitter said: “Rather than waiting until something goes viral, Twitter will contextualize developing discourse at pace with or in anticipation of the public conversation.”

Currently, when large or rapidly growing conversations happen on the social media platform that may be noteworthy or controversial, Twitter’s Curation team promotes relevant context from reliable sources in order to counter potentially misleading information posted by users.

Twitter said that the new programme would “increase the scale and speed” of this work by increasing their “capacity to add reliable context to conversations happening on Twitter”.

The post said material from Associated Press and Reuters would improve information credibility on Twitter when Twitter’s Curation team “doesn’t have the specific expertise or access to a high enough volume of reputable reporting on Twitter”.

It is the first time Twitter has formally collaborated with news organisations to tackle misleading and false information, rather promote accurate information on its site, according to a spokesperson of the company.

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