Two men from either side of the world made ‘Earth Sandwich’

Two men from either side of the world made 'Earth Sandwitch'
The two made this happened with the help of Reddit. Source: Etienne Naude
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Daily US Times, New Zealand: A computer science student from New Zealand and a man from Spain have created an ‘Earth sandwich’ by placing slices of bread on precise points, either side of the planet.

Etienne Naude from Auckland was the man behind the idea. He said he had been wanting to do this for ‘years’, but had struggled to find someone in Spain, on the other side of the globe.

He finally found someone on the online message board, Reddit.

They both used longitude and latitude to make sure they were precisely opposite.

American artist Ze Frank was the first man to make earth sandwich who organized two slices of baguette to be placed in New Zealand and Spain in 2006.

Many people have followed since, but not all reported examples have been bona fide, opposite-point Earth sandwiches.

To made this happened exact, Mr Naude, 19, used an online longitude and latitude tool called “tunnel to the other side of the Earth” to find his exact opposite point.

He came to know that the exact opposite location was in southern Spain. He then asked a “bunch of friends and family if they knew anyone from Spain in that region” but no one responded.

Two months ago, he posted on the Spain section of the online message board Reddit and got some replies. Luckily he found one person close to the precise location.

Then came the most tricky part. To make an earth sandwich, one person has to stay the exact opposite side of the planet with the other person. It was hard because of 12 hours time difference.

“And there’s lots of things to arrange, such as the kind of bread, the time, the [precise] location, et cetera.”

Mr Naude only had to travel a few hundred metres to find a suitable public spot on his side of the world but the Spanish counterpart had to travel 11 km (6.8 miles).

The two, at last, made that happen and posted a composite picture, showing both men, their bread, and their co-ordinates, was then posted on Reddit – to the delight of other users.

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