Two suicide attacks outside Kabul airport; 13 dead

Blast outside Kabul airport
Source: CNN
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Daily US Times: Horrific scenes have emerged after two deadly suicide attacks and gunmen targeted crowds massing near the Kabul airport, killing at least 13 people. This comes as the UK and the US have been warning of such kind of attacks and suggesting their citizens to leave or avoid the airport immediately. There are massive crowds in the airport as thousands of people are trying to leave the country after the country fell to Taliban 10 days ago.

The complex attack was “definitely believed” to have been carried out by the Islamic State group, according to a US official said. Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan grew out of disaffected Taliban members who hold an even more extreme view of Islam.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said at least 13 people died and 15 were wounded. Russia has given the first official death count. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also confirmed the suicide attacks, saying one was near an airport entrance and another was a short distance away by a hotel.

The US official, spoke on condition of anonymity, said members of the US military were among the wounded.

The evacuation flights continued to take off from Kabul airport even after the area was hit.

According to Adam Khan, an Afghan waiting nearby, one explosion went off in a crowd of people waiting to enter the airport. He said several people appeared to have been killed or wounded, including some who lost body parts.

Earlier in the day, several countries urged people to avoid the airport, with one saying there was a threat of a suicide bombing.

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