UK confirmed two cases of Coronavirus, stays allert

UK confirmed two cases of Coronavirus, stays allert
The UK is working closely with the WHO over the virus. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, London: The UK reported two cases of Coronavirus, both of them belong to the same family. The chief medical officer for England has confirmed it.

The latest development added another country in the list of Coronavirus affected countries. So far, more than 100 cases of Coronavirus reported in another 22 countries.

The UK patients were staying in a hotel in Yorkshire, before being taken overnight to a specialist center in Newcastle.

The death toll is rising in almost every hour in China as it reached to 213 as of Friday and more than 10,000 cases nationally.

The chief medical officer for England Prof Chris Whitty said the NHS was “extremely well-prepared for managing infections” and it was quickly trying to identify any contacts the patients had to prevent further spread.

He did not mention the whereabouts of the patients because of confidentiality.

Mr. Whitty said, “We have been preparing for UK cases of novel coronavirus and we have robust infection control measures in place to respond immediately.”

”Hope of getting better”

Prof Whitty said the unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary was experienced in treating people with infectious diseases. He expressed his hope of “a high chance people would get better”, based on current information.

The authorities are now trying to trace everyone in close contact with the two coronavirus cases so they could be monitored.

Ian Jones, professor of virology at the University of Reading, said as the patients were caught early, the possibility of further spread was “minimal”.

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