UK should decide who its allies are, says Macron

UK should decide who its allies are, says Macron
President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee palace in Paris, France. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the UK’s Boris Johnson’s government has to decide who its allies are, insisting that “half-friends is not a concept”.

In an interview with the Guardian and a small group of other media, Mr Macron said: “What politics does Great Britain wish to choose? It cannot be the best ally of the US, the best ally of the EU and the new Singapore … It has to choose a model.”

“But I have the impression the country’s leaders have sold all these models [to the people]. If it decides on a completely transatlantic policy then we [the EU] will need clarification, because there will be divergence on rules and access to markets,’ the French president added.

Focusing on common destiny, Mr Macron said he hopes Boris Johnson is also on that path, because he (Macron) think the British people are.

“We remain allies. History and geography don’t change, so I don’t think the British people have a different destiny to ours.”

Asked about the cross-Channel blame game over not just coronavirus vaccines, but coronavirus controls and Brexit, in which he is often personally named, Emmanuel Macron laughed off the personal attacks: “Whenever there’s a problem with the EU, the British just love to detest the French – and me – and say we are responsible.

“I have accepted this role. Sometimes when there are tensions, I ask ‘Why me?’ – perhaps making me out to be more important than I am!”

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