US bars foreigners who recently visited China

US bars foreigners who recently visited China
Health Secretary Alex Azar announced the new restrictions. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times, Washington: The US bars foreigners who recently visited China in the past two weeks as Coronavirus outbreak created global tension. The country also declared a public health emergency over the spread of the virus.

US citizens who are returning from Hubei province will be quarantined for 14 days. Hubei is the epicenter of the current outbreak.

The outbreak has emerged in Wuhan, a city of Hubei December last year and almost 12,000 cases of the new virus have been confirmed since then, most of them in China.

Chinese authorities confirmed 259 deaths, while 249 of them in Hubei. The death toll is rising almost every hour as 46 death are confirmed in Friday alone.

The virus has spread 22 countries so far and more than one hundred cases are being reported from these countries yet.

The new Coronavirus outbreak overtook the Sars epidemic, which spread to more than two dozen countries in 2003 and killed 774 people. The Sars – severe acute respiratory syndrome – lasted eight-month.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency over the new virus.

What the US said?

The US issued a public statement on Friday where the country’s Health Secretary Alex Azar said US citizens returning from Hubei province would face 14 days of quarantine while those returning from other parts of China would be allowed to monitor their own condition for a similar period.

He said the US declared a public health emergency in the United States following the World Health Organization decision.

Urging the need to relieve pressure on authorities, he said that foreign nationals who recently visited China ( in the last 14 days) would be denied entry to the US.

“The risk of infection for Americans remains low and with these, and our previous, actions we are working to keep the risk low,” he added.

In the meantime, the US has confirmed another Coronavirus case on Friday in California, raising the reported number to seven.

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