US House approves Biden’s $3.5tn domestic budget blueprint

US House approves Biden's $3.5tn domestic budget blueprint
Top Democrats Nancy Pelosi (centre) and Steny Hoyer (right). Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: The US Congress has approved a 3.5 trillion US dollars budget blueprint on Tuesday, setting the stage for Democrats to enact President Biden’s ambitious economic agenda.

The rule that passed allows Democrats, who narrowly control both the House and Senate, to move ahead with key policy proposals.

The Democratic Party hopes to devote significant resources to health, climate schemes and family support.

The bill passed the House of Representatives 220-212, with no Republican support.

The resolution’s fate was not clear as late as Tuesday morning, amid a standoff between centrist and progressive House Democrats.

The Democrats are enacting a process called budget reconciliation to approve president Biden’s larger spending package – and passage of the budget blueprint Tuesday is the first step.

A group of 10 moderate Democratic lawmakers had threatened to withhold their votes on the blueprint unless the House first approved a $1tn bipartisan infrastructure bill. That package includes funding for power grid, public transport, roads, bridges and internet.

To win a compromise after over 24 hours of debate, top Democrats in the House have assured moderates that the infrastructure bill will be discussed on 27 September, when the House is back in session.

Ahead of the vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Passing this rule paves the way for the Building Back Better plan, which will forge legislative progress unseen in 50 years.”

Mr Biden’s Build Back Better domestic plan is aimed at lowering costs for working families and creating jobs. It is largely financed with tax increases on large corporations and large.

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