US House votes to punish Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

US House votes to punish Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene now said "9/11 absolutely happened". Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: US House has voted to punish Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene over incendiary remarks she made by expelling her from two committees.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new Georgia congresswoman, showed support for violence against Democrats and promoted baseless conspiracy theories.

Eleven Republican congressmen joined the Democrats to pass the motion by 230-199.

Before the vote, she expressed regret for her views, which included claims that school shootings and 9/11 were staged.

Mrs Greene has now been stripped from her two assignments on the budget and education and education panels.

It is highly unusual for one party to intervene in another party’s House committee assignments.

Before the vote of Thursday, Mrs Greene expressed regret for her past comments, but stopped short of an apology.

She said in the House floor that her controversial remarks had been made before she ran for office last year.

She said she had “stopped believing” in QAnon – a conspiracy theory claiming that former President Donald Trump was waging a clandestine war on a Satan-worshipping cabal of child-abusers and cannibals – sometime in 2018 after finding “misinformation, lies and things that weren’t true” in the group’s posts.

She walked back comments suggesting that school shootings – such as the 2018 Parkland shooting and the 2012 attack at Sandy Hook elementary school – were staged. Mrs Greene said on Thursday: “School shootings are absolutely real.”

The Republican retracted a past claim suggesting that the 9/11 terror attack may not have occurred. She said: “I want to tell you 9/11 absolutely happened,” she said. “I do not believe that it’s fake.”

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