US Soldiers fired and suspended after Vanessa Guillen probe

US Soldiers fired and suspended after Vanessa Guillen probe
Serving soldier Vanessa Guillen, 20, was killed earlier this year. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: The US Army has suspended or fired 14 commanders and lower-level leaders at the Fort Hood base in Texas over a pattern of violence there, including sexual assaults, harassment and murder.

Following the killing of soldier Vanessa Guillen this year, an investigation into problems at the base was launched.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said the “issues at Fort Hood are directly related to leadership failures”.

The US army has also ordered a new policy on dealing with missing soldiers.

The suspensions and firings announced on Tuesday include major generals Jeffery Broadwater and Scott Efflandt.

Mr McCarthy said the murder of Ms Guillen “shocked our conscience and brought attention to deeper problems” at Fort Hood and in the US Army more widely.

He told reporters that it “forced us to take a critical look at our systems, our policies, and ourselves.”

The 20-year-old Ms Guillen was missing for about two months before her remains were found in late June. According to investigators, she was bludgeoned to death at Fort Hood.

The suspect in Ms Guillen’s death, Specialist Aaron Robinson, took his own life on 1 July as police were trying to take him into custody.

Her family alleges that she had been harassed by Mr Robinson, but officials say they have no report to indicate she was sexually assaulted or harassed.

The case is still under investigation and suspended and fired personnel are in investigations.

The Tuesday’s action by the US Army follows a year that saw 25 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood die as a result of homicide, suicide or accidents, according to the AP news agency.

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