US Supreme Court enters a new era of personal accusation

US Supreme Court enters a new era of personal accusation and finger-pointing
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Daily US Times: Supreme Court justices in the United States have long criticized each other’s legal reasoning, but the judges are increasingly impugning their colleagues’ motives and sincerity, in a way that matches the current political climate. US Supreme Court, with three appointees of former Republican President Donald Trump now in place, appears to be entering a new era of personal accusation and finger-pointing.

In the past, a single justice such as Antonin Scalia could be conspicuous for a single controversy, for example, involving race, or his short-fuse rhetoric orcould stand out for provoking cross-charges. The current pattern may be a sign of deeper fractures on cases as the nine-member court finish their annual term over the next month.

The trend belies the justices’ public assertions that the Supreme Court judges all get along and believe each operates in good faith. It is not simply that they are swapping invective. As they speak of dealing in “good faith,” some people appear to doubt it.

Sonia Sotomayor, a liberal Justice of the US Supreme Court, declared that a recent majority opinion authored by Justice Brett Kavanaugh was “fooling no one” with what she characterized as an “twist[ed]” and “egregious” interpretation of past relevant cases.

Liberal Justice Elena Kagan claimed in a separate new case that Kavanaugh was engaging in judicial “scorekeeping” as he tried to turn one of her earlier opinions against her.

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