US team to visit Haiti after President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination

President's widow speaks for first time
Martine Moïse said her tears would "never dry" following her husband Jovenel's assassination (pictured in 2017). Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: A delegation team from the US is due to visit Haiti to assess the security situation there following last week’s assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

The US team will also meet three Haitian politicians, each of whom is claiming to be the nation’s legitimate leader.

Mr Moïse was killed at his Port-au-Prince residence on 7 July, by 28 foreign mercenaries including retired Colombian soldiers and two Haitian-Americans, Haitian police say.

His wife Martine Moïse was injured in the attack, and later flown to Florida for treatment.

She later described that the assassins “riddled” her husband with bullets after bursting into their home in midnight.

She said the attack happened so quickly, her husband was unable to “say a single word”.

After the attack, Haiti’s authorities asked the United Nations and the United States to send troops to the country to protect key infrastructure.

The US initially rejected the request – but has now decided to have a closer look at the situation.

Among the members of the American delegation are senior justice and security officials, US media report.

Since 2017, Mr Moïse, 53, had been president of Haiti, the poorest nation in the Americas. Jovenel Moïse’s time as president was rocky as he faced accusations of corruption and there were widespread demonstrations against him in the capital and other cities earlier this year.

Parliamentary elections should have been held in the country in October 2019 but disputes have delayed them, meaning he had been ruling by decree. He had planned to hold a referendum on the proposed constitutional changes this September.

In February this year, on the day the opposition wanted him to leave office, Mr Moïse said an attempt to kill him and overthrow the government had been foiled.

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