Violence-hit Jerusalem braces for Jewish nationalist march

Violence-hit Jerusalem braces for Jewish nationalist march
Every year, thousands of Jewish nationalists march across Jerusalem to the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site (Photo: 9 May 2021). Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: Palestinian protesters have clashed with Israeli police for a third night in Jerusalem, and there are fears of more violence between them later on Monday over a planned Jewish nationalist march in the city.

The annual Jerusalem Day Flag March usually sees young Zionists walk through Muslim areas.

The event marks Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in 1967 – home to the Old City and its holy sites.

The march is regarded by many Palestinians as a deliberate provocation.

Amos Gilad, a former high-ranking Israeli defence official, called for the march to be cancelled or re-routed, warning Army Radio: “The powder keg is burning and can explode at any time.”

Tensions have been high in Jerusalem over the threatened eviction of Palestinian families from parts of East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah district.

Over the past three days, hundreds of Palestinians and more than 20 Israeli police officers have been injured in clashes, according to medics and police.

A court hearing had been expected on Monday in the years-long case of the Palestinian families. More than 70 people are appealing in the court against an eviction order that would drive them from their homes in favour of Jewish settlers.

But at the request of Israel’s attorney-general, the hearing was cancelled on Sunday. A new date will be set within the next thirty days.

During Sunday night’s clashes in Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinians threw stones at Israeli police, while the officers responded by firing water cannon and stun grenades. There were more skirmishes near the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

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