Voters head to polls across the UK

Voters head to polls across the UK
The election will set a huge impact on Brexit. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times, London: The UK voters are going to polls for casting their vote on country’s general election on Thursday. This is the country’s third general election in less than five years.

This is the first general election in the UK to be held in December in nearly 100 years.

Polling stations across the UK opened at 7:00 GMT.

A total of 650 MPs will be chosen under the first-past-the-post system used for general elections, in which the candidate who secures the most votes in each individual constituency is elected.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbin are the two frontrunners in the election. Polls indicate an uncertain outcome. If Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins the election and retains the majority in the parliament, it will effectively clear a path for him to push Britain’s EU departure January 31. If Boris loses and Labour Party’s Corbyn may attempt to form a minority government by partnering with other opposition such as Liberal Democrats, whose main manifesto is to ‘Stop Brexit’.

Exit polls could be found at 10 p.m. local time. But the final results are expected Friday.

A Jeremy Corbyn win may create cyclone in the whole Brexit process. It could lead to a new Brexit referendum, potentially longing the disaster last three years of turmoil in the UK.

Britain’s political tradition means voters elect a party, not a leader. Which means the winning party can change the top figure.

Survey shows a large number of voters are undecided. One in five voters is undecided about whom to vote for. This indecision occurs among the voters because of uncertainties and confusion surrounding the impact of Brexit on Britain’s economy and social welfare system.

Political parties of Britain pushed the truth on a limit sometimes its difficult to separate fact from fantasy.

Last month, an aggressively edited video was released by the Conservative Party which shows a Labour spokesman unable to answer a question about the party’s position on Brexit. The video was viewed a million times.

Voters head to polls across the UKA First Draft study shows, nearly 90 percent of Facebook paid ads by the Conservative Party in the first few days of December contained misleading claims. The party created more than 6,000 ads during this period.