What Trump could do after leaving the White House

What Trump could do after leaving the White House
The ex-presidents club from left: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W Bush. Source: The White House
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Daily US Times: Donald Trump will remain in office until 20 January, when he’ll hand over the job to Joe Biden, and after leaving the White House, he will join the exclusive club of former US presidents. So what next for him?

There’s a lucrative speakers’ circuit, the planning of a presidential library, the penning of a memoir.

George W Bush took a paintbrush, Jimmy Carter took up humanitarian causes. But Donald Trump has never been a traditional politician.

Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, said: “Donald Trump has broken many norms as president.”

“There’s no reason to think that Donald Trump will act like any former president that we’ve ever seen.”

So, what could he do after leaving White House?

It may not be the end of Mr Trump’s political careers – he could always pull a Grover Cleveland and run for a second term in office.

Cleveland is the only president to leave the White House and return four years later, taking the presidency in 1885 and then again in 1893.

Before he was a politician, the US President was a reality television star, a real estate mogul and his own brand ambassador, using his name for lucrative licensing deals.

He may be keen to pick up where he left off in 2016 and get back into the world of business.

President Trump is no stranger to the television industry, after a bankable stint on The Apprentice reality show.

So there’s a lot of speculation that Mr Trump’s ambition is to get involved in the news media, either by launching his own channel or collaborating with an established conservative network.

Henry Schafer, executive vice-president at Q Scores Company, sayd: “He’ll definitely have a potential audience.”

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