White House deputy press secretary resigns after threatening reporter

White House deputy press secretary resigns after threatening reporter
In this Feb. 9, 2021 photo, White House deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo listens as press secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a press briefing at the White House in Washington. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: White House deputy press secretary T.J. Ducklo has resigned, the day after he was suspended a week without pay for issuing a sexist and profane threat to a journalist seeking to cover his relationship with another reporter.

On Friday, Ducklo had been put on a weeklong suspension without pay after a report surfaced in Vanity Fair outlining his sexist threats against a female journalist of Politico to try to suppress a story about his relationship, telling her “I will destroy you.”

The Politico journalist had been seeking to report on his relationship with a political reporter at Axios who had previously covered Joe Biden campaign and transition.

The White House deputy press secretary resigns after threatening reporter said in a statement Saturday that he was “devastated to have embarrassed and disappointed my White House colleagues and President Biden.”

He said: “No words can express my regret, my embarrassment and my disgust for my behavior.”

“I used language that no woman should ever have to hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job. It was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful and unacceptable,” his statement added.

Before Politico published the story Tuesday, People Magazine also published a glowing profile of the relationship.

It was the first time either one had publicly acknowledged that they were in relationship.

It is the first departure from the new Biden administration, less than a month into President Biden’s tenure, and it comes as the White House was facing criticism for not living up to standards set by the president himself in their decision to retain Ducklo.

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