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Why I Never Drink Coffee? Mr. Nas Explaining In Front of STARBUCKS COFFEE Shop. Photo Source: YouTube
Why I Never Drink Coffee? Mr. Nas Explaining In Front of STARBUCKS COFFEE Shop. Photo Source: YouTube
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Nuseir Yassin, Daily US Times: Why I Never Drink Coffee, If this is my least popular video. I won’t be surprised. I grew up in a super coffee-loving environment. In fact, I used to make coffee every day for my parents. Every single day.

But I never liked it, and my opinion wasn’t popular then or now. But here is why it scares me. This is not meant to claim I know better. In fact, I don’t. I still intake a lot of caffeine from Coke and crap like that, but I’m trying!!

Good morning. It’s time for my usual cup of coffee. Actually it isn’t. Because I never drink coffee. This is the thing I’ve avoided my entire life. Because coffee however sexy and tasty and mainstream it Lopes is a drug. Call me grandma, grandpa.

I’ve seen too many of my friends who couldn’t function normally without a daily cup of coffee. They get headaches, jitters, restlessness and get so addicted.

That coffee does nothing but cure their headache that came from coffee in the first place. And sometimes the evening drink coffee and go to sleep in these cases what’s the point of it?

Don’t get me wrong coffee is a great source of energy and is good in moderation. But for me, I’d rather get all my energy from sleep. That’s a minute see you tomorrow.

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Valentina Carrascal Cupabán: Hey Nas! You’re right, this time you didn’t catch me. But anyway, I’d like to share with you the feeling of many people when we talk about coffee. For us, coffee is not only a source of energy or a “drug”. It is culture, years of history and unity among families. Actually, it is a way of life, it is the daily life of thousands of people. For better or worse, it has developed into a lot of shapes, tastes, and styles but, I would really like to invite you to Don Manolo Café, a family coffee farm in Dosquebradas, Colombia. You should come and visit us; share with us the experience of a good and real coffee. And of course, you may learn why people drink, enjoy and LOVE coffee.

Gabry Shannon Wong: I don’t like coffee. Coffee does the opposite for me. It brings my energy down and makes me fall asleep instantly even after I have slept 9 hours… I am more of Hot lemon water with no sugar kinda person or hot water person.

Gera Solis: This isn’t weird at all, I don’t drink coffee either and that’s the same reason, coffee it’s actually a drug and it’s not needed at all, it’s very strange for me why some people actually need this drink to start their mornings… I prefer a glass of light milk, it’s not needed at all but hey, everyone has their demons.

Stefanie Hollop: I always drank a lot of coffee and love the taste. However, I often felt sick to my stomach, got head-aches, etc. I tried a lot of other stuff before trying to avoid caffeine. When I finally did, I already felt better after a few days. I drink Decaf now and way less than before. Now, coffee has become a treat, not a must.

Rafa Castillo Carrillo: Well Nas Daily people can become addicted to many things, is not the coffee’s fault. I mean I don’t like coffee that much, but I wouldn’t call it a drug. On the other hand, I get your point, I have been trying to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, because my father is an alcoholic and both my parents smoke like crazy; so I think there might be some “DNA predisposition” (so to call it) and I am afraid of becoming an alcoholic myself.

Morad Ezzat: I never drunk coffee or any other similar products in my whole life, except for twice. I found the smile of coffee make me feel to vomit. Although my mum was addicted to it. She couldn’t sleep without her mag of Nescafe, sometimes I found it in her hands while she is sleeping and the Nescafe is slip all over her. I’m more a tea person.

Richard Miller: If you ever have a kid, you will change your mind, lol. I never drank the stuff, clean as the day I was born. I have never drunk booze, smoked up or drank coffee, but then I had a kid and for the first couple of years, I was ok. But after a while, I needed that morning boost. So now I’m drinking 5 to 7 cups at most during the week only when I’m too tired to function. Some weeks I won’t have any. I’m like you, in moderation, not a bad thing.

Marian Konstantinidou: I can’t believe someone shares the same thoughts as me at last! I personally like the flavor of coffee, but avoid it exactly because it’s highly addictive and having seen all these people with their headaches and everything just makes me not want to be addicted to any substance in order to have energy, but just try and have a good schedule sleep.

Timotaos Basmaji: well of course sleep is a way better source of energy, but sometimes when you can’t get enough sleep you need a cup coffee to stay awake, just keep it moderate and don’t make it your usual source of energy, any addiction is bad, that’s one comment, see you tomorrow.

Matthew Hunter: There is literally no difference between coffee and coke from the point of view of the drug aspect. In fact coffee is way better for you due to the antioxidants plus the milk is much better than the copious amounts of sugar and poisons in coke. I am a reformed coffee drinker and now only have decaf with half milk half cream to reduce the carb load. The decaf I drink is Swiss Water processed so it has no chemicals in it.

Noor Hendratno: Nas, my friend just passed away this morning. He was 42. Leaving 2 young primary school young children. Can you do a video on type 2 diabetes? And how it is reversible by increasing physical activities and cutting off sugar and refined carbohydrates consumption. I believe the prescribed drug is unnecessary and eventually toxic.

Bathsheba Turner: I totally agree with Nas! I’ve never drunk coffee in my entire life, I just can’t get past how awful it smells and then I’d see how it affected everyone and I’d wonder what was the point! My brother took up drinking coffee because all his workmates drank it and I asked him one day if it tasted better then it smelled …. he said No! But you get used too it. I had to wonder, then why bother? Why work so hard to enjoy something you don’t need? That took me 1 minute to type. See you tomorrow!!!

Nikeē Nīcah: well said. I am a coffee lover too but I don’t experience withdrawal syndromes like the mentioned. Maybe we all have different sensitivities. I can stay calm without drinking coffee for days even when my habit makes coffee become my water. yes, coffee is my water in most days but by the time I get to skip a day or days or maybe just forget to drink coffee, I’m still completely fine. and I don’t like too bitter coffee, more so, I don’t like the sweetened ones.

Abbi Wade: When I was in Italy, I became addicted to coffee. I was drinking 8-10 shots of espresso for a normal day. When I came home, I couldn’t function. I put myself into this situation and I was going to get myself out of it. I went for 2 months without any coffee or even caffeine, and I’m glad that I did. I am back to drinking coffee but in moderation. I work at a coffee shop so I smell it all the time but I usually stick to tea or water. I still love it, but I found a healthy balance.

Heather Metzger: I used to drink coffee and caffeine in all forms such as pop to excess. When my father’s heart problems forced him off of caffeine, I cut it out of my life too to support him. Once the initial withdrawal was over, I found myself suffering fewer and less intense migraines and overall feeling better. I miss coffee because I actually love the taste but I don’t miss the headaches. My dad has reincorporated caffeine back into his diet in moderation but even decaf coffee (which has a little bit of caffeine) is too much caffeine for my body to handle. Giving up something I love was the best decision I have ever made. It has freed me of painfully debilitating migraines and allowed me to be more involved in the lives of my nephews and nieces.

Why I Never Drink Coffee?

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