Why Utah is The Secret State of America?

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Photo source: Flickr
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Photo source: Flickr
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Nuseir Yassin, Daily US Times: Utah. Whenever I visit this state, everyone asks me ‘Why?’ Here is why. This state was introduced to me by my girlfriend Dear Alyne who used to live there. I would have never visited if it wasn’t for her. But I’m glad I did – it’s such an interesting place.

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Why you go outside in Utah

Guys! After living in the United States for 7 years, I think I found a secret state that is amazing. And it’s not New York or California. It’s a small square state in the middle of the map, called UTAH.

Here is why you go outside in Utah, under the hot Sun and work out really hard. In most places, you will sweat a lot. But in Utah, you will not, no sweat! Because this is the second driest weather in the United States.

Which means you can be outside all day long under the Sun without any fear of sweating or smelling. And in the winter the same dryness makes the world’s best snow.

The nature is Insane!

Utah is famous for having the greatest snow on earth, because of its elevation and dryness. This unique geography makes for skiing heavy and nature.

In Utah at all times the nature is Insane! This is where people live, it feels like straight out of a movie scene. The people in Utah are considered to be the most charitable in the United States. Many of them volunteer, give back, give forward to animals and humans alike. And they’re nice too!

Wherever you go, whatever you do people will smile back at you even if you’re trespassing. And the prices is unlike New York or Los Angeles, the prices here are amazing. With affordable housing and affordable food. No wonder this is ranked as one of the happiest states in the United States.

This is why Utah is America’s secret state. In the summer, the sweat doesn’t exist. In the winter, the snow is perfect and all year round the people are generous.

The nature is gorgeous and the vibe is perfect. Between the East and the West Coast of the United States, there are 48 amazing States. Utah is just one, give them a visit, trust me you won’t regret it.

Public Reaction: Why Utah Secret State of The United States?

Seychelle Salonga: This is 101% true! We stayed in a ranch resort (in Utah) for a few days and people were amazing! Example: A lady handed me a warm towel while I was trying to cover myself up with my cold towel (shivering after swimming) and she just smiled at me and gave my husband an extra towel too. Wow! Plus ZION NATIONAL PARK is amazing balls!

Kurt Copeland: Nas Daily Just for the record, people perspire (sweat) in Utah just like they do anywhere else. It evaporates into the dry air as soon as it comes out of the pores. People who don’t realize this and don’t take measures to properly hydrate themselves can become dangerously dehydrated. Please don’t tell people they don’t sweat in Utah. Tell them to drink lots of water. They sweat whether they realize it or not.

Khryz Buenaflor Requieron: I totally agree with this, I was able to stay here and everything this video mentioned about Utah is so true! Most of the best experiences I’ve had in the US was in Utah. People are absolutely amazing. So nice, generous, warm and so helpful.

Melody Masch: It’s amazing because all of the Mormons, In general, the LDS Church teaches Loving your neighbor as yourself this is shown in Utah where the highest concentration of Mormons lives. That’s why it is so friendly and they have so many generous contributions we can learn a lesson from this state.

Pete Bradford: I lived in Utah for a few months, the best experience of my life! My partner and I hitchhiked to Oakland, bought a $500 car, drove to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (Spanish Fork, Utah), and volunteered there through Helps for three months painting murals, taking care of llamas, eating Indian food, chanting, doing yoga. An amazing palm reader there, Palmist Kanakdas, told us we would have kids soon (and we did!). The views are amazing. We sat in a hot spring while it snowed! I miss Utah.

Mandy Wallington: I have visited twice from Australia for a cookie conference. Huge wide streets, lovely people, and the most amazing natural history museum with lots of dinosaurs that I have ever seen. Worth the 24 hours of travel.

Nicole Dallin: Affordable housing is incorrect. Most people can’t afford housing in Utah as we’re steadily increasing towards the prices of California and New York. Our job market here doesn’t increase with the housing either. Most people work 2-3 jobs to afford simple things. We offer more jobs but nowhere to live and no roads to drive on as they’re always being rebuilt. Our beautiful nature becomes less and less as Utah sells it and tears it down to build more expensive homes that no one can afford. A visit is great, but live here and learn the truth about Utah.

Morgan Graff: If you come to southern Utah during the summer, you’ll definitely sweat! It’s amazing seeing all the comments of people saying they want to visit when I actually live here. Just be prepared, you won’t find any alcohol in your average grocery store except the state-owned liquor store!

SocialMedia Melissa: Temporary Utah resident! My 40′ RV had electrical problems, so I got it to Freightliner in West Valley and got a 3-month condo lease in downtown SLC! It’s been amazing here, my lease ends next week and I wish I could stay but honestly, the property (house) prices are inflated. I’ll be back though!

Melissa Barley: I live here. People sweat. But you’re right, the natural world in this State is beautiful. Still found it weird that you guys licked the salt like that. Anyways, glad you visited. Autumn is a great time to come for anyone wanting to see the beauty without the heat or snow-packed roads.

Tasha N Cordova: As someone who grew up in Utah and moved to Germany because I couldn’t stand to live there anymore, I will say, yes it’s really great to travel there. The nature is absolutely amazing. But the Mormon church, sexual assaults, suicides, sexism, pain medicine addiction, and low pay just make it impossible for me personally to live there happily. I know this comment will make many mad but this is just my personal experience.

Taylor M Iverson: Nas Daily I don’t know what time of the year you came to Utah (like a really lovely spring). But it gets pretty hot. I lived here my whole life and been to different parts of Utah and trust me it’s hot and if it isn’t hot, then it’s cold. The only decent times are fall/spring, and sometimes that is short-lived. People, please wear deodorant.

Sam Peachey: Favorite Western state hands down. I visited two years ago. I went to Colorado first & Utah was much better. Uncrowned & millions of acres of public use land. People are unfailingly polite. Zion & Moab are stunningly beautiful.

Jonathan Orris: Come to Northwestern PA. We have some awesome scenery and cool wildlife. The air and water are pure and people are mostly friendly. It’s quiet and secluded. We have lots of fruit and veggies this time of year and when the leaves change the mountains are gorgeous.

Frances Saenz: Love Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Their natural beauty, ruggedness, and lack of population. Colorado used to be on my list, but since they legalized marijuana it’s gone to pot. But Hawaii, no matter how ugly the mainlanders make, it is still the most beautiful. Every time I’m out of California I can breathe again.

Erica Ashby Pehrson: I live in Utah and can confirm it’s great! It’s expensive to love here like everywhere else in the USA but the economy is good (plenty of jobs), there are tons of free parks and museums so it’s a great place to have a family, and outdoor recreation is amazing! I love skiing here! The drivers are awful though.

Elizabeth Bowden: I am from Utah I love it here you should check even Huntsville and up by snow basin it’s amazing. Go paddleboarding at any of the lakes or receivers its insane beauty!! We have some of the best camping too. And with the door thing, about 90% of people will open doors for you.

Jason Pieszala: Nas, If you get the opportunity and want to see a great come back story in progress, visit Buffalo, NY. It was a very prosperous city that fell on very hard times. The city is rebuilding itself by letting Buffalo be Buffalo. It’s a city with no illusions. You’ll meet a very proud and inventive populace while discovering another of this country’s hidden gems.

Aimee Rust: Lived in Utah for 20 years. Yeah, We still sweat. But the state is gorgeous from the mountains around Salt Lake to the desert and red rock in Moab. People are friendly, but not everyone, you just can’t expect that. Housing and cost of living vs pay isn’t great here, but I suppose when compared to LA or NYC it’s not too bad. Still, I love it here.

Mishi Marie: Anywhere in the countryside, people are more laidback, sorry but sometimes outdated, naive but oftentimes friendly. Why? Life is less complicated and simple. But too much laidback life results in complacency and idleness. So it’s up to your choice of living. Personally, I’d still choose to live in a more cosmopolitan with an energetic vibe kind of an environment. I love being surrounded by the younger crowd. It gives me youthful energy.

Damian Alvarado: Forgot to mention that everything 95% of everything is closed on Sundays. And the Beer is not the rest of the world beer, and yes you do sweet in Utah. I lived here for a year and a half. The people are really nice so long as you are in the more diverse areas of the state, and while some other exclusive areas might be nice they want you to go away as quickly as you got there. And in my experience a lot of sense of entitlement too. From Cali and I cannot wait to move back in October. Even though it has negatives the sights are amazing, can’t beat the ocean though.

Watch the video here about America’s Secret State-

America’s Secret State

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