World leaders congratulate Boris Johnson for his massive win

World leaders congratulate Boris Johnson for his massive win
Boris Johnson is getting congratulation from across the globe. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times, London: Leader across the globe congratulated UK prime minister Boris Johnson after his massive win in the UK election.

US President Donald Trump said this win means the US and UK would be free to strike a “massive” new trade deal after Brexit.

Trump tweeted ‘This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the EU. Celebrate Boris.’

European Council President Charles Michel said the EU was ready to negotiate a free-trade agreement with Britain but called on London to work in good faith. He said the EU hoped for a quick British parliamentary vote on withdrawal from the block. ‘We expect, as soon as possible, a vote by the British parliament … It’s important to have clarity,’ he said.

German Chancellor Angela Markel congratulates Boris for his ‘resounding victory’. Markel spokesman twitted ‘I look forward to working with you for the friendship and strong cooperation between our nations.’

Czech prime minister Andrej Babes tweeted: ‘He is a charismatic leader, we share the same kind of thinking. He received strong mandate to deliver Brexit. I’m sorry that Czech Republic loses strong ally in the EU.’

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, ‘Of course we hope every time that political forces that win elections in any country share the ideology of and aim to build good relations with our country. I don’t know how appropriate such hopes are in the case of the Conservatives.’

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Kats said, Johnson’s election win is a “victory of values” over anti-Semitism.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is looking forward to the smooth formation of a post-Brexit free-trade between the two countries after Boris Johnson’s re-election as British Prime Minister.

Morrison tweets: ‘Congratulations Boris Johnson on a resounding victory and being returned as UK PM. Looking forward to the stability this brings and a new deal for Oz with the UK. Say g’ day to the quiet Britons for us.’

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won 364 of the 650 seats so far, and the Labour Party won 203 seats. The Liberal Democrats have 11 seats, while the Scottish National Party posted big gains in Scotland, with 48 seats.

This win means very big for Boris Johnson. He has been a key figure in the Brexit campaign. As his party has the majority in the Parliament, it will be easy for him to make Brexit happened which is supposed to take place at the end of January.

At a victory rally on Friday morning, Johnson said, ‘We did it. We broke the deadlock, we smashed the roadblock. A new dawn rises on a new day.’